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So where did these checklist come from?  We started by analyzing the reviews that guest leave on popular vacation rental sites.

So what are the top 3 items travelers comment about?

Broken or Non-working items: 

Over 13% of the reviews mention broken or non-working items, regardless of the star rating they end up giving the property.  It could be a relative small of item such as a fan not working or a larger items like the heater in a pool that is broken.  Regardless if is something is broken you will probably see it in your reviews.  If your goal is to become a Superhost if something is broken you are better off taking it out of the rental than leaving it there if you can’t replace or fix it.

Customer Service:

The second most mentioned item is customer service. Over 13% of the reviews that were analyzed contained negative comments concerning either the host, property manager, poor communication, and/or poor instructions.  A large number of the negative comments would have easily been avoided as a host by improving customer service.


Many might guess that cleanliness would be the top complaint in vacation rental reviews; however, cleanliness comes in third in our analysis at 10%.  This is an obvious thing to keep an eye on if you want to be a Superhost.

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