This post is written by Vabooki.  This is a new company about to launch their vacation rental website service next month.  They are based in the UK however available in all countries.  In this post they provide some valuable tips for making or improving your vacation rental website and briefly discuss the services they provide.  So if you are looking to build a website for your AirBnb or vacation rental check them out and see what services they can provide for you.

Top 5 tips to creating a website for your vacation rental property


Hi, I’m Sean Preston and I’m the Lead Developer at Vabooki. An easy to use website builder designed specifically for vacation rental properties. I’m fortunate enough to be writing this article today for on the top tips to creating a website for your vacation rental property.


For those of you reading this article that don’t already own a website for your rental property, let’s explain why you should! Creating a website for your vacation rental has never been easier or more important to your business. Long gone are the days where online property listing website will list just a few properties per area, instead there can sometimes be thousands of other properties within a 10 mile radius of yours! Having so much competition is frightening. No matter how good your property is, getting noticed among other properties can be challenging. Websites provide an exclusive advertising platform for your property. You choose what goes on your website and what doesn’t. Most importantly potential guests won’t be hunting for your property in a long list of competitors.

Now that you know why you should have a website for your property I’ve listed the top 10 tips to creating a website for your property.

TIP 1: Spend a lot of time on your website text and twice as long on your photos

Google  famously coined the saying “Content is king”. The saying refers to the importance Google places on your websites content (primarily text) when choosing where your website will be positions in its search results. Google loves the text and photos you place on your website, the more the better, but make sure it’s unique and readable. I also suggest spending even more time on the photos for  your website. Use high quality photographs of your property at a time of day that will wow potential guests considering staying at your property.


TIP 2: Choose a theme or layout that reflects your property

Here at Vabooki we’re always creating new themes for our users. We do this because we want to give our customers the widest range of designs for their website. It’s important that when you come to creating a website, weather it be on Vabooki, another tool or even a bespoke design from a web design agency that it reflects the look, feel and location of your property. If you own a villa in a small coastal village in southern Spain you’ll want to choose a design reflects the white washed buildings or blue seas surrounding your property. Alternatively, if you own a health retreat in the Switzerland countryside surrounded by miles of green fields and wildlife you should choose a design that makes use of the colours usually associated with nature such as green, brown and beige. Colour plays an important role in your design choosing process. Get it wrong and you could be sending customers the completely wrong message. As an example, I recently visited a vacation rental website with an unhealthy obsession for the colours red and green. The colours red and green are a big no no in the design world as they are very often associated with Christmas and I’m assuming you’ll want bookings at other times of the year too!


TIP 3: Choose the right domain name for your website

What’s a domain name you may be asking yourself? Well, you likely use them every day! A domain name is the web address for your website and usually appear in the format of or Depending upon your geographic location you may use a country level domain such as for the United Kingdom or for Spain. Included in Vabooki’s free website package is a subdomain. A subdomain is something unique that you place before a domain name. With Vabooki you can have something like A domain name will allow potential guests to access your properties website. Choosing the right domain name is important, here are the top things to avoid:

  • Long domains, try to keep to 12 characters maximum
  • Avoid using none alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers).
  • Don’t use hyphens, they looks terrible and are difficult to remember for returning visitors.
  • It’s okay to abbreviate well known terms such as bed and breakfast to just bnb.


TIP 4: Avoid large ugly fonts

This may come obvious to some, but time and time again I’ve seen property websites use ugly fonts such as Comic Sans on their website. Try and keep the fonts you choose clean and simple. Not only will it make your website easier to read but it will look a lot better too! Also choose a reasonable font size. It’s not an eBay listing, it’s a website to present not hard sell, so there’s no need to shout at your visitors. Try to keep font sizes between 12px and 14px for all paragraph text.


TIP 5: Choose a platform that allows you to update your website day or night.

It’s important that before creating a website for your vacation rental property that you consider how easy it will be to manage once it’s online. Over the years I’ve seen many cheap web design services come and go offering bespoke websites for around $500. The quality of such websites are low and usually don’t include a backend system to allow you to update your website in the future. Instead, you have to contact the web designer and pay to have him/her make any changes manually. To avoid this issues you have two options; the first is to use a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress to allow you to manage your website. Any reputable web designer will know how to design for WordPress and a budget of around €1,000 should get you a nice looking design to represent your property. Your final option is vacation rental software such as Vabooki. Vabooki allows you to create a professional looking website for your vacation rental that you can update day or night. It’s easy to use drag and drop interface allows you to drag photos, videos, maps and more directly on to your website. There’s no difficult coding or web design skills needed, it’s been created for the average rental property owner with speed, accessibility and simplicity in mind. With Vabooki you can create a website complete free of charge, simply visit for more details.




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