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The Bathroom Checklist

Some will see the bathroom as a place to relax and melt the day’s stresses away in a luxurious bath, others just hope for the simple conveniences of home.  As a Superhost make sure cleanliness should be top of your checklist in the bathroom but also make sure your inventory has everything needed for your guests stay.

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All toilets should be clean and work properly. Take the seat/lid portion apart every few cleanings to make sure the area gets a deep clean; this will help prevent any “bathroom odors” linger in the room.

Carefully inspect the toilet bowl, checking for any cracks which may require replacement of the entire unit. Flush the toilet several times and make sure the handle does not get stuck and that the water stops running in a timely manner. Sit on the toilet seat. This may seem silly, but remember you will be accommodating people of all shapes and sizes. You will want to make sure the seat is secure and doesn’t rock back and forth.

Here is a good guide if you are looking to replace the toilet. If space permits consider getting an elongated toilet since the standard round toilets are smaller and not as comfortable.

Toilet Seat

Make sure the lid is in good shape and matches in color to the rest of the toilet. Please do NOT use a wooden toilet seat; many people consider these to be less appealing and possibly harbor more germs. To improve your guest experience: get a slow closing toilet seat. The pricing is comparable to a standard lit, but the quiet-close version helps keeping the house quiet, which can be important for those night time trips to the bathroom!


The plunger should not be forgotten on your checklist. People do not anticipate a backed up toilet, and no one wants to be desperately looking for a plunger when the need arises. Instead, they prefer quick, discreet action, if space allows, you should have a plunger in each bathroom. Keep it stored somewhere accessible but not necessarily in plain view (e.g. under the sink).  As a host you don’t want to be called at 2:00 AM with a backed up toilet.

Vent Fan

Vent fans should not be ignored on your checklist. They can make a difference in air flow in a bathroom, therefore, if you have the space, consider installing one in each bathroom. As with other areas of the home, make sure your vent fan is operational and clean. This is something easily skipped over when doing a quick clean of a home and also something that can get dusty quite quickly, so you will need to stay on top of this. Seeing a dirty fan might make your renters assume that other areas of the renal are also not very clean.


Make sure the paint on the walls is free of stains and not peeling in any areas due to the humidity in bathrooms. Having a little paint on hand is not a bad idea for quick touch ups every now and then.


The bathroom flooring should be clean, and please do NOT carpet the bathroom. Bathroom rugs are okay because these can be sanitized regularly; however, this can easily become a breeding ground for stains, smells and everything else… So, if you have carpet, seriously consider replacing it with some tile


Don’t forget the sink on your bathroom checklist.  All bathroom sinks should be clean and in good working order. This means that the drain stopper can be properly used to either “plug” the sink or drain at an appropriate speed. Check to make sure that the faucet works – e.g. cold provides cold water and hot provides hot water, and that there is no leaking. Fill the basin with water and check the drainage speed, making sure to fix it if it is slower than it should be.

Shower and Bath

Make sure your shower/bath area is clean and functional. There are many cleaning products on the market to help keep the area clean and without stains and mildew. If you are still unable to keep shower or tub caulking clean, it might be time to roll up the sleeves and re-caulk the area! For functionality, make sure the water controls work as they are supposed to as far as temperature control, and also that a drain stopper is available and in working condition for the tub.

Make sure the shower/tub area drains quickly. Slow drain are typically hair clogs and quite easy to clear. You can try any number of liquid drain products, but we have found the best fix to be a drain stick. This can be used in several areas of the home and is something property owners should consider purchasing for their rental.

Shower Curtain

Showers should have clean shower curtain or a shower door, which the renters will not have any trouble opening/closing. If you use a shower curtain, you should consider replacing it every few months so as to avoid any mildew smells. One good option is to use a cheaper shower curtain liner behind your decorative curtain. These can still be used multiple times, but then when it comes time to replace them, it will be a little more gentle on the wallet

Shower Head

For the shower head, you will want to make sure they are not clogged (e.g. from hard water deposits) and that the water pressure is strong. Make sure the sprayer is a good one and not the small cheap sprayers that can spray in every direction. Ideally get a shower head with a flexible hose such as this – a flexible hose can be quite useful when parents are trying to bathe small children and also for anyone trying to rinse off those hard-to-reach parts of their body!

Towel Rack

Provide your guests with an adequate number of towel racks and hooks. Think of all of the people that could potentially shower in a given bathroom and then make sure you have enough areas for these people to all hang their towels. Make sure that at least one of these racks/hooks is in very close proximity to the shower/tub. No one wants to jump out of warm shower/bath dripping wet across a cold floor to reach the towel on the other side of the bathroom!

Bath Towels

You should provide your renters with an appropriate number of bath towels, and having two towels for every person your house sleeps is a good number (e.g. if your house sleeps 4 you should have at least 8 bath towels). Bathroom towels should be white, which are not only easier to clean and sanitize, but you also won’t have to worry about fading. When you stay at a hotel, isn’t it safe to say that the towels are usually white? When selecting your towels, do not go cheap as these towels will not work as well for your guests, but they will also not last very long. It is much better to get a decent quality towel that your renters will enjoy using and that you will be able to keep clean and reuse with confidence.


Similar to bath towels you should have an appropriate number of washcloths available to your renters. Providing two washcloths per the number of renters your rental will sleep is adequate (e.g. if your house sleeps 4 you should have at least 8 washcloths). As with the bath towels, consider getting wash cloths which are white. Keep an eye on these as they are under heavier use and will wear and stain at a faster rate, requiring more frequent replacement.

Hand Towels

Now for hand towels. You should have one hand towel hanging and ready-to-use, and one spare in every bathroom. It would be easier to also get hand towels which are white, since they will then be coordinated with the other bathroom towels; however, if you like to use decorative hand towels, that is certainly fine. Just make sure that they are clean and not overly worn and replace as necessary.

Electrical Outlets

Bathroom outlets should be all GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters). Your renters may not be electricians but this is something that they may notice if the outlets aren’t GFCI. Make sure the outlets are clean and that they aren’t loose from too much use. Ensure you have enough outlets available for the various accessories your renters may want to use in the bathroom (hair dryer, curling iron, etc….) and as always check your local regulations.

Hair Dryer

The Hair Dryer this small item is very important and should be on your checklist! After all, almost every hotel or motel you step into these days will have a hair dryer available for its guests. This will be something your renters will notice especially if you don’t have one. Therefore, provide one for your renters and specify that you will have one available so people will not worry about packing one up or purchasing one along the way.


Toiletries that you will want to consider for your rental are shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bar soap, hand soap, and toothpaste. Much like a hotel, consider stocking up on small travel sizes of each of these or buy pump soaps like this Airbnb rental . Even if your property usually rents out for more than a week at a time, even these small amounts will be a welcome find. Your renters will not have to run to the store as soon as they check-in just for a few bathroom supplies.

Soap Dishes

Soap Dishes – If you provide bar soap, then provide a soap dish. Renters will not want to leave soap on the the counter top, and it will also help keep your bathroom clean.

Toothbrush Holder

This is another small item but one that will prevent the renter from just leaving their toothbrushes on the sink or digging out glassware from your kitchen to use. Make sure this isn’t missed on your cleaning checklist

Trash Can

Each bathroom should have one, preferably with a closing lid. Make sure the trash can is empty and clean. Use a trash can liner and provide spares underneath. Your renters and cleaners can easily use find a new one when needed


Each bathroom should have one, preferably with a closing lid. Make sure the trash can is empty and clean. Use a trash can liner and provide spares underneath. Your renters and cleaners can easily use find a new one when needed

Toilet Paper

Each bathroom should have 1 roll in place and ready to use, and 2 or 3 spare rolls of toilet paper. Don’t go cheap on this since people will just complain and/or use a much larger quantity than needed. Also make sure that the spare rolls are easily accessed somewhere in the bathroom (e.g. under the sink) and not in a far away closet.

Flushable Wipes

While there is some discussion regarding how safe these are for septic or plumbing systems, if you provide wipes in your inventory that are supposed to be safe and flushable, then your renters are more likely to use these instead of something they might bring along themselves, which might not be as friendly to your plumbing system.