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The Bedroom

While a bedroom doesn’t have as many areas to cover as other parts of the rental there are still items you should consider.  Don’t overlook the small things and pay attention to detail.  To be a Superhost your bedrooms should make your renters feel happy and relaxed, further enhancing their stay in your property.

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?”

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You should have a comforter/blanket available for each sleeping area in your home (e.g. the amount of people your rental sleeps), and one spare for an extra guest or especially cold night (consider 2 extras if your property has the potential to sleep a lot of people). These not only provide extra warmth, but they can also make a sleeping area more comfortable. Check to make sure all comforters and blankets are clean, without any rips, tears or stains. If you find that your comforter/blanket is looking a bit worn and less “fluffy”, it’s time to go purchase a replacement. It might be tempting to keep these ripped and worn linens in the closet as back-ups, but doing so will only take up storage space and will also take away from the neat and tidy appearance of your rental.


Bed linens should be a neutral color, preferably white. You will find many top hotel and resort chains are now using all white bedding as it is believed that customers feel more luxurious in such a setting. As with the comforter, check to make sure the sheets are not worn, ripped, frayed or stained. Don’t forget to provide sheets for your fold out couches and have one extra set as a back-up.

Mattress Protector

A mattress protector or topper should be on each bed of you rental. Especially so if you have a child-friendly rental. This will help save your mattress if an accident happens and help prolong the life of your mattress saving you money. Make sure this is something that is checked and/or cleaned in between guest.


Make sure the mattress isn’t forgotten on your checklist. You want to make sure the mattresses you provide are in good condition – unstained and without any sagging. People like to have a good night’s rest and when their sleeping area isn’t up to par, that can have quite an impact on the quality of sleep they get. Another quick tip is to avoid backing the bed up to a corner or wall, where someone will need to crawl over someone else to get in or out.


You should have plenty of pillows, in cases coordinated with the bed linens for a given sleeping area.. They help people create a comfortable sleeping place, and besides, you really never hear people complain about having too many pillows available to them! The number of pillows per sleeping area will depend upon the size of the “bed”. A king or queen size bed should have 4 pillows, full size beds should have 3, and twin beds should have 2 pillows. Be sure to provide 1-2 extra pillows, even a couple more if your property sleeps a larger number of people.
Make sure the pillows are not worn, ripped or stained. To test your pillows for replacement, make sure they “bounce back”: simply fold your pillow in half, squeezing all of the air out of it. If it doesn’t spring back into shape after release, you’re due for a new one. As a general rule, pillows should be replaced every 3 years, even more frequently is your home is rented year-round.


Most bedrooms have mirrors. It not only adds to the decor of the room, but it also provides people with another area where they can get ready. When people are sharing a bathroom, this extra mirror can be a time-saver, so if you don’t have a mirror in each bedroom, you should look to add one.

Your cleaning checklist should make sure the mirror is clean and in good shape without any chips, big scratches or stickers on it.


Most people expect to find a television in the master bedroom. So while it is not a necessity, if room permits and you have the resources to do so, provide an HD TV in the master bedroom and make sure it is of the appropriate size for the room. Make sure the TV remote is easy to find and operational, checking between each rental to make sure of this


Your clothes closets should have hangers available to your renters. If you have a bedroom that has no closet space, consider getting an attractive garment rack or hat rack, or even install some extra hooks where your renters will be able to hang their clothes if desired. One tip is to provide non-slip velvet type of hanger. These are appropriate for almost all types of clothing, do not take up much space, will have a nice uniform look in the closet, and can be purchased affordably too.


Each bedroom needs its own stand-alone fan even if there is already a ceiling fan in the room. Every person is different. Some people prefer to sleep in dead quiet but others need the sound of a fan; every also has different temperatures they prefer to have a good nights rest. This is a simple and affordable but very important item to add to your rental to make sure the renter is comfortable. Make sure all fans are clean and in good working condition.

Celing Fans

Any ceiling fans should be clean and in good working condition. Make sure they do not make repetitive noises and/or shake uncontrollably. Keep the blades tight and adjusted to the appropriate season, and make sure that the bulbs are the appropriate wattage and aren’t burnt out. The bulb color and wattage should all match, and try to get the highest wattage allowable for your light fixtures; dark rooms are not inviting.


As mentioned above bedroom lighting is important. While windows can provide adequate lighting during the day, once that sun goes down, you will want to be sure that your renters are comfortable in the various bedrooms. So choose your light fixtures with care, just like you would for your own personal home. It might be an obvious point, but for bedrooms with larger beds like the master bedroom, have a light fixture on each side of the bed for night-time reading. All light fixtures should be clean (check those lamp shades for dust and extra wear) and functional.

Flooring/Area Rugs

If there are rugs in the bedroom make sure they are clean and aren’t ripped or stained. If the rug might move around when people step on it, consider placing one of those non-slip mats underneath for added safety.


A small trashcan should be available in each bedroom. It is a good idea to have a liner in the can as well for easy removal, with some extras underneath for easy replacement.