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Vacation Rentals,

Bugs, bed bugs and rodents equal negative reviews

Bugs, bed bugs and rodents!

In our analysis of reviews, we found that the one thing that will almost certainly give you a low rating on your vacation rental review is bugs, bed bugs, rodents and/or evidence of them. If the renter mentioned bugs or rodents in the reviews we analyzed, the average rating given was  2 stars!

Our analysis showed that ants, flies, cockroaches, mice and rats were the most commonly mentioned pests.

Following is our list of the top 10 things you should consider to help prevent bugs and rodents:

1.  Screens – Make sure your AirBnb or vacation rental has screens on most if not all windows or doors that can be opened. Not only will screens help prevent flies or other bugs from coming in, but outdoor airflow can also help regulate the temperature for the renters which may help you save on your overall utility costs.

2.  Check around the doors of the rental to make sure there aren’t any gaps where bugs could crawl in. If you do find a gap, consider installing a Door Sweep for a quick, economical and effective fix.

3.  Look at the landscaping around your property and make sure tree limbs and shrubs aren’t in contact with the rental. This way, any pests will not have a ‘bridge’ to gain access to your property.

4.  Check for water leaks around your plumbing fixtures as water can attract a variety of household pests.

5.  Make sure the condiments and any food items you leave for your renters are sealed up tight.

6.  Ensure your kitchen trashcan has a lid and clean the trashcan regularly to remove food particles and residue that may be inviting to household pests.

7.  Consider having a recycling bin with a closing lid as well. Ideally, renters will wash out any recycled material first before putting it in the bin, but chances are they won’t so having a lid may help prevent bugs.

8.  Keep your rental clean and clear of clutter. Not only will this help improve the overall look of the rental, it won’t give the bugs a hiding place.

9.  Bed Bug Proof Box Spring Encasement – Installing a mattress protector can help prevent the spread of bed bugs and also help prolong the life of your mattress.

10.  Schedule regular bug/rodent exterminator inspections and treatments from a professional service. Just make sure to schedule their arrival when you don’t have renters!