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Everything Else

Your vacation rental or AirBnb shouldn’t be full of extra items that make the home look cluttered and compact. However you do need some things that renters look for that we may not fall into the other categories we have listed.  So everything else that other reviews have commented on is listed here.  If you have any thing else you think we should add we would love to hear about it!  E-mail us at

A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.

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Internet access is one of the most important items to consider these days. Unless your rental is in a VERY remote area, your property will access to the internet. You should get the fastest download speed available for your budget. In fact a recent article in the Daily Mail found that it is more important than a good nights sleep to travelers!

Make sure your internet connection instructions are easily located and explained in the Welcome Book. One of the first things a renter will do is connect to the Wi-Fi sometimes even before unpacking. Don’t let a slow or broken Wi-Fi affect your reviews!

Owner’s Personal Items

Most owners will have areas in the rental to store their own personal items. Renters will understand this, but it is vital to store your items properly. Make sure your items are in locked cabinets, drawers or room(s).

Don’t leave drawers full of clothes. Don’t leave your bathroom full of your personal soaps, shampoos, wash clothes, etc. Don’t have excessive family pictures throughout the rental. One or two photos of the owners featuring their hobbies or the property are okay, too many may make the renter feel like they are staying at a distant relative’s house.

Remove any religious or political items you have in the house. Not everyone will share your beliefs, and this may affect who will rent from your property again.


Your in between renters cleaning checklist should include a check for lighting. Make sure ALL of the lights in the rental work. In between rentals check for any bulbs that may have burnt out. DO NOT just remove burnt out bulbs, replace them with bulbs that are consistent in color and wattage for the fixture. Pay special attention to stairwell and hallway lights, where having a non-working light could be a safety hazard. This relativity easy habit can make a big difference in how your renter evaluates your rental.

Make sure you have spare light bulbs for all of the lights in your rental. List the location of these spare bulbs in yourWelcome Book so that they can be easily found when needed.

Night Lights

While not a requirement, these could save your renters some stubbed toes or worse. Keep one in any long hallway where the bedrooms and bathrooms are located, and also one in each bathroom if the bathroom light does not have a nighttime setting.


Safety and emergency items vary greatly by property type and location. A small condo in the city will need a lot less safety and emergency items than a remote log cabin high in the mountains. What we have listed here may or may not be applicable to your property but are something to consider

Emergency Exit Lights

Some counties or cities may require your rental to have emergency battery-operated exit lights; so check your local regulations

Fire Extinguishers

If your rental has a fireplace make sure it is ready to use, even in the summer. Some renters don’t own a fireplace, and that is something they will look forward to in the rental. Make sure you provide usage instructions in the Welcome Book (e.g. how to close and open the flue so they don’t fill the home with smoke).

You should provide some wood and a fire starter/matches. If you rental is in a cold climate you will want to make sure you have enough wood for your rental’s average nightly stay. Firelogs will probably be a better bet in warmer areas or during the summer, they are convenient for your guests and also cause less of a mess compared to wood.Your fireplace should have a screen for safety to prevent logs from rolling out and curious little ones from reaching in.  Fireplace tools in good working condition, a fire extinguisher located close by, and a container to store the ashes should also be made available. Check your local regulations for any specific rules that might be in place regarding fireplaces.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Similar rules apply to carbon monoxide detectors check your local regulations for what is required in your area. Make sure they are in good working order and tested as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Safety Gates

It is a good idea to have one or two gates especially if you plan on renting your property to those with small children or pets. This will help keep them where they should be and safe.

Fire Escape Ladder

While probably not a regulation in most areas, it is a good idea to have one stored by the bedrooms in multi-story homes. Hopefully it will never have to be used but will give your renter some peace of mind. Include the location of the ladder in your Welcome Book

Escape Map/Plan

Check your local regulations as this may be a requirement for some rentals. The plan may need to be posted visibly in the home.


If your rental is in a remote location or subject to storms where power could be lost, make sure you have some candles and matches available for your renters. Sitting in the dark is no fun but with the addition of some candlelight, a bad or even scary experience can turn into an enjoyable memory.


It is a good idea is to have at least two flashlights available to your renters for emergencies (possibly more if you have a larger property). Some nightlights can double as a flashlights as well; keep this in mind when shopping for supplies for your rental. As with candles, this is an important item to have in remote or stormy locations. Make sure your cleaning checklist includes checking the batteries on these as well.


This consumable shouldn’t be overlooked. They can be used to light fires in the fireplaces, candles or a BBQ grill, so if you have any of these items in your property, make sure to include this handy and affordable item for your renters.

Lock Box

Make sure your locks and lock box that stores your keys are in good working order. You want your renter to start off on the right foot so make sure your instructions for accessing the property are clear. Check frequently that you can open doors from the inside and outside with ease.


Don’t underestimate the importance of clean windows. They will make your home look cleaner and brighter and enhance the views from your property


Any exterior doors and windows that can be opened should have a screen if at all possible. Lack of screens could lead to a house full of bugs and possibly a negative review. Make sure to regularly check that your window screens are clean and without rips or tears. Not only will screens prevent undesirables like bugs, but they will also allow for a nice air flow through your home, which can help keep a comfortable temperature for your renters and a lower energy bill for you.

French doors are a little bit tougher. If you find that your renters want to keep the French doors open, you might want to consider installing vanishing screens.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning may not be necessary in all rentals (e.g. if you have cool ocean or mountain breezes.) If your property is located where the climate can get hot and it does not have A/C, make sure to disclose this fact in your online description. You may not think a couple of months of hot weather are a big deal, but remember, your renter is on vacation and they will not want to be uncomfortable when they are at their home-away-from-home.

Make sure your A/C unit is in good working condition and regularly replace the filters (e.g. more frequently if you allow pets or the unit has experienced high usage).


Heaters should be available in most rentals. If your property is located where the climate can get cold and it does not have a heating unit, make sure to disclose this fact in your online description. If you do have a heating unit, make sure it is in good working condition. If there are spots in the home that still get cold, consider getting floor mounted electric heaters to warm up those spots for your guests. If the client is cold and can’t get warm in the winter expect your reviews to be just as cold. Similar to the A/C, make sure your keep your maintenance up on the unit and change the filter regularly.


Drapes and/or blinds should be regularly checked for functionality, cleanliness and breaks/tears. Make sure your renters do not have a difficult time operating your window coverings; fix and replace them as needed and avoid people just “muscling” them open and closed.

Property owners should consider installing light-blocking drapes or blinds in the bedrooms. Not every renter wants to wake up at the crack of dawn! If you have skylights in the bedrooms consider shutters over the skylights as well. These measures will also help with the temperature control of your property, possibly saving you some money on your electricity bill.

Beach Towels

If your rental has access to a pool, hot tub/spa and/or beach, you should invest in some beach towels for your renters. If none are available, your renters may use your regular bathroom towels, and the life span of those towels will decrease when you add in the sand and chlorine. You should have 1 beach towel for every person your rental sleeps.


If your property usually rents for short periods of time (1 week or less), you should have a least a “Dust Buster”available. If your typical rental is longer however, we suggest you have a regular full-size vacuum available. This will help your renters quickly clean up and unexpected messes and also be convenient when your property is being cleaned between renters.


If your property has a playground for the kids make sure that is safe and not too weathered. If there are any safety concerns at all get them fixed or remove the structure from the property to prevent injury to your renters.

Pool/Hot Tub/Sauna

Each of these items are unique so we won’t dig into the specifics for any of these amenities; however, it is important that if you offer these on your property make sure they are in good working order. Your renters will expect to be able to use everything on your property while they are there, so if they will not have access to such an amenity during their stay, make sure you alert them ahead of time so that they can alter their plans if need be. Many people select their vacation rental based on the availability of such amenities so if anything is broken or unavailable during their stay, expect to see that in their reviews.

One note on pool maintenance: make sure that the maintenance schedule is known by your renters so there are no surprises. Your renters will not want the pool guy showing up during their family barbecue or having access to the pool blocked off after cleaning chemicals have been added. No one wants to be unexpectedly shut out of a pool while on vacation on a hot summers day.


Regularly inspect the fencing on your property for holes or damage. This is an especially important item if your rental accepts dogs. If the property’s neighbors have dogs, consider getting a solid fence versus just a chain link fence. Not only does this provide an added touch of privacy for your renters, but if the neighbor’s dogs are not able to so easily see the people staying in your unit, they may be less likely to bark. You can be pretty sure that you will hear about any constant dog barking.


Pay special attention to any decking on your property. Regular maintenance is important, where you check for excessively worn wood that could cause splinters or injuries. Your decking should be done with screws and not nails, since nails rise up over time and also corrode faster. If you currently have nails, make sure they are nailed down and keep a close eye on them. When it comes time for maintenance or replacement, use screws

BBQ – Gas

If you are providing your renters access to a gas barbecue grill, make sure that it is functional and not forgotten on your cleaning checklist. This helps to ensure safety for your renters as well as your property (e.g. no high flames). It is a good idea to have a full propane tank available for your renters – it is quite the bummer to have all of your grill fixins’ ready to go and then run out of propane before you have even really began!

BBQ – Charcoal

If you are providing your renters access to a charcoal barbecue grill, make sure that it is clean and functional just like a gas grill. It is a good idea to provide your renters with a small bag of charcoal and some lighter fluid – then they will have the correct tools to get their grill started!

Play Items

Depending on your rental and its location, you may want to provide your renters with certain “play items”. For example, if you are near a beach, you may want to consider offering a small collection of sand toys or even a boogie board to your guests. If sledding is an option, you might want to provide one or two simple sleds. If the property has a big yard, perhaps providing your guests with some outdoor sports items like a football or soccer ball might be good. In all cases, make sure whatever play items you are providing for your guests are complete, clean and functional.

Pack and Plays

If you rental accepts families with small children, it is a good idea to have a “Pack ‘n Play” available. Pack-and-plays are great because they can be purchased quite cheaply and they also take up very little room when not in use. Traveling with kids can be challenging and one less item to pack will be a welcome relief. As with other items you offer to your guests, make sure it is clean and in good working order.  If you do have one make sure to disclose to your renters so that they don’t have to include it on their travel checklist.

Washer and Dryer

If your rental has a washer and dryer, making sure it is clean and in good working order. Make sure they are not in need of any repair and the machines are not excessively loud. This may not seem like a big deal, but when your renter is trying to run a quick load of laundry overnight, they will not be too happy to hear any loud banging noises coming from the laundry area. If your renters will have access to your washer and dryer during their stay, you might want to provide the appropriate soaps/softeners. This will help to ensure for example that your “HE” washing will only be used with “HE” detergents

Broom and Dust Pan

Small spills occur all the time. Having a broom and dust pan available to your renters will not only be handy for such quick clean-ups, but also when your rental is being cleaned between guests.


Your rental should have a functioning iron and ironing board. Make sure checking the iron is on your maintenance checklist. We have seen irons that leave rusty water stains when used; you don’t want to get a bill for a new suit, or a bad review because you didn’t replace this relativity cheap item.


Door stops are important to have and you should consider having one on every door if possible. While some door stops are used to keep doors propped open, the more important version for you will be the ones that prevent the door from opening to widely and banging into a wall, causing damage over time.


Rugs should be kept clean and if they are starting to turn up on the corners look to have them fixed or replaced. Not only does it not look good to see corners turned up it is a safety issue as a renter could trip over them.