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Hotel vs Airbnb – Part 2

Hotel vs Airbnb – Part 2

“The Airbnb home”:

This is the second part of our Hotel vs Airbnb experience.  In Part 1, we documented our stay in a major chain hotel on a recent trip to Monterey, and we wanted to compare the hotel versus an Airbnb rental that we would later be staying at in Sacramento, since they were at a comparable price point.

First, here are our “Pros” of the Airbnb rental:

  1. Constant communication – The owner and their Guesty team made communications very easy – from reminders about our trip, to tips and instructions during our stay, it was a very smooth and convenient process.
  2. Very well stocked home – This is by far one of the best stocked rentals that we have stayed at. They covered almost everything in every room; see more on this below.
  3. Great location – The property was conveniently close to the freeway, but not so close that we heard any road/traffic noise. It was also close to shopping and restaurants that the owner highlighted in his Airbnb guest book.
  4. Entertainment – The rental came with Netflix and a Blueray DVD player for on-screen entertainment, and there was also a nice assortment of puzzles and board games to choose from.

Now for the “Cons“:

  1. We didn’t really find much in the way of “cons” at this property, unlike other vacation rentals we have stayed at in the past. This was a very smooth experience from start to finish. This owner really took his time to make sure the rental was fully stocked and ead everything a renter might need. This house is a great example of what an Airbnb or vacation rental should provide.


The kitchen was perfectly stocked with all the utensils and appliances needed.
hotel vs airbnb kitchen overview

Cutting board, cutlery set and spices:

hotel vs airbnb knife block cutting board filled spice rack
Red wine vinaigrette:

Hotel vs Airbnb Red Wine vinagrette

Good quality silverware with cutlery tray:

hotel vs airbnb silverware cutlery and storage
Necessary items that renters don’t often bring:

hotel vs air bnb food pantry storage essentials staples
Ice trays and an ice bowl ready for use. This is a must if you don’t have an ice maker:

hotel vs air bnb ice trays and bowl


The bedrooms were in great condition – nothing too fancy but just what was needed. The blinds did a good job of blocking out the light, and the exterior fencing provided plenty of privacy.  The only thing missing would have been a small fan to help moderate temperature and/or provide white noise for bedtime.

hotel vs airbnb master bedroom
It would have been even better if this night light was completely intact and not missing its cover, but just the fact that one was made available was a plus in our books:

hotel vs airbnb night light

Doorstops – this is a small item but definitely saves a lot of wear and tear on your walls:

hotel vs airbnb door stops jams


The shower was clean with an excellent shower head providing plenty of pressure and hot water.

hotel vs airbnb shower head bathroom
Plenty of white towels – read more about the preference for white linens on this page:

hotel vs airb&b bathroom towels linens white
Various accessories including a hair dryer, cotton balls, extra toilet paper, and toothbrush holder & cup were conveniently located in the bathroom as well:

hotel vs airb&b bathroom storage rack hair dryer toothbrush holder toilet paper
Pump dispensers are the way to go! These shampoo and conditioner bottles were filled and ready for our use – it’s a bonus for the owners that these can be used for several guest in a row without needing to worry about replacing small soaps after every guest.

hotel vs airbnb pump dispensers soap shampoo conditioner
Cotton balls, q-tips, cup and toothbrush holder.  Awesome!

hotel vs airbnb bathroom accessories
A step stool was also in the bathroom – this can be very important, especially for families who travel with small kids. It can make life so much easier for these families just by making this available!

hotel vs airbnb step stool
There was a hand grip mounted next to the toilet to help people stand up. This is another great idea, especially if you have elderly renters or anyone that might need a little extra help.

hotel vs airbnb bathroom hand grip grab bar handle
We noticed some potpourri bark in the bathroom fan vent – this is a great idea to keep things smelling more pleasant.

hotel vs airbnb bathroom potpourro vent
A vented soap dish holder in the shower. This affordable addition gives the renter a specific place to put their bar soap, likely preventing a bigger mess for you to clean up later.

hotel vs airbnb soap bar holder

Everything else:

The house had great modern furnishings through out and all appeared to be clean and were in good working condition:

hotel vs airb&b modern furnishings ceiling fan
The house contained important safety items such as smoke and carbon dioxide detectors:

hotel vs airbnb safety smoke carbon dioxide detectors
A music system was made available:

hotel vs airbnb music sound system radio
A washer and dryer set-up was also available for our use, along with the various detergents, stain removers and bleach should we need them:

hotel vs airbnb washing machine clothes dryer washer

hotel vs airbnb laundry accessories detergent bleach stain remover
Wine rack ready for us to fill:

hotel vs airbnb wine rack holder
Hooks – we love hooks! They are such an easy add-on that your guests will sure find quite useful:

hotel vs airbnb wall hooks convenience
Great desk and sturdy chair for those who work while traveling. There were many outlets available and the Wi-Fi was strong throughout the house:

hotel vs airbnb desk home office work station
Our boys loved this cute little touch – a painted on mouse & mouse hole. It reminded them of Tom & Jerry!

hotel vs airbnb wall art cute mouse hole

To summarize, it was an overall great experience.  The full nightly price for this rental was $133, compared to $129 at the hotel.  This rental was head and shoulders above the hotel and beats it at almost every level (outside of an indoor heated pool!).  You could tell that this owner really thought about all of the little items that are needed in a vacation rental. Most of these items are affordable and could really help other rentals that are currently receiving low or no reviews to improve.

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  • H Walker

    Hi! Thank you for such an informative post. I own a vacation home, I had you in my circles on Google Plus and never had the chance to visit your website. This is very good. Well done

    • Thank you, I’m glad you find the information helpful! I hope your rental is a success!