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Vacation Rentals,

How to clean window screens

Window screens are a must for vacation rentals.  Not only does it help keep bugs out, but it also helps regulate the temperature in the rental. This reduces the need for your renters to use air conditioning, which will then equate to lower electrical and maintenance bills for you. Dirt and dust will build up on your screens over time, and they will need to be cleaned. Clean screens are easier to see through – it provides your renters with improved views and also lets them know that you take good care of your property. Seeing screens free of dirt and dust is aesthetically pleasing and gives the property an overall cleaner look. All of these things help to enhance your renters’ stay at your Airbnb or vacation rental.

This is the best way I have found on how to clean window screens.

Step 1 – Get your materials ready. I like to use:

  • Simple Green
  • Scrub/Bristle brush
  • If outside, use your garden hose. If inside, you can also do this in your bath tub.

Step 2 – Remove the screen from the window.

Cleaning the screen while still on the window might seem like a faster method, but it is simply not efficient. Doing so will only result in water, mud and dirt on your windows, requiring you to then remove the screens to clean up that new mess.

Simple Green and Brush

Simple Green and a brush.

Step 3 –  Spray the screens with water

To get them wet. Then spray the screen with Simple Green.

Window Screens Cleaning

Scrub the screens to get the dirt out.

 Step 4 – Scrub the screens with the bristle brush.

I prefer to use a stiffer bristle brush to make the job easier – just remember not to push so hard that you damage the screens (This is especially important for older screens).

Step 5 – Spray the screens down

and then give them a quick shake before letting them air dry and re-installing them.

Clean Window Screens

Clean window screens!

This is the fastest and most efficient way I have discovered to clean window screens.  If you have any other tips or suggestion for cleaning screens, please let us know below!