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The Importance of Customer Service

We analyzed the first 500 reviews and discovered what the number one complaint or comment was about. When looking at all 500 reviews, these are the top three items mentioned, and further detailed on our home page:

  1. Malfunction – 12% of the reviews mention broken or non-working items.
  2. Customer Service – The second most mentioned item is customer service. 10% of the reviews that were analyzed contained comments concerning either the owner, property manager, poor communication, and/or poor instructions.
  3. Cleanliness – Came in at 9%

However, if you look only at the reviews that provided a star rating of only 1 to 3, then we noticed an interesting change.  The top three things that are commented on in this case are:

  1. Customer Service – 14%
  2. Cleanliness – 12%
  3. Malfunction/Broken – 10%

Looking at this data, you can see the importance of customer service.  If you have a customer service problem you are increasing your chances at getting a lower review and these are the very comments that are likely to show up in your reviews.  Also, when you have poor customer service, this can be akin to raising a red flag to your renters. As a renter myself, starting off with bad customer service makes me more inclined to notice and even look for what else could be wrong in the rental. Thus, you begin to see the increase in the other complaints (e.g. cleanliness) as well.  If however you have great customer service, you decrease your chances of receiving a negative review. A lot of this may be common sense, but it is interesting nonetheless to see the statistics and realize the kind of impact something as simple as customer service will have.