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Signs and Labels to improve your Vacation Rental

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Signs and Labels to improve your Vacation Rental

When we stay at an AirBnb or Vacation Rental finding out how things work can be a point of frustration  if the owner or property manager didn’t take the time to properly label commonly used items.    Properly labeling items can often benefit the owner as well as it can prevent unnecessary phone calls or text, lower your electric bill and help keep renters reviews high.  Take a look at a few of the examples we have come across at various AirBnb’s and vacation rentals.  It may be time to buy that label maker!

Before you leave

Great reminder especially if your house is in the mountains or a cold environment and the heater could run all day with no on there.  This simple reminder could save big money in the long haul.   This see thorough label gives it a clean look.

vacation rental tips Thermostat reminder


Adding the check-out list here or another place could be a good idea if you are finding your renters ignoring your check-out guide in your Welcome Book.  Bullet points are good and the instructions not complicated will help improve compliance.

TV Instructions

Great example of the TV Instructions.  Every TV setup is different and spelling it out so anyone could do it will save on frustration from the renter  and possibly prevent a phone call to you for help.   Have a laminated copy on a coffee table as well as a copy in your Welcome Book.

vacation rental tips TV and Cable guide

TV Guide

Laminate your TV Channel guide and put them in each room that has a TV.  Just like in this great rental.

vacation rental tv guide

Fireplace Instructions

If you have a fireplace fan or a electric fireplace put instructions as needed.  Again with all of these having the instructions in the Welcome Book as well is a good idea.

vacation rental tips Fireplace control instructions

WiFi Information

Putting your WiFi information on the router is a good idea as well as having it in your Welcome Book.    Notice this label isn’t the best as it could easily be ripped off or written over.  Laminating it and securing it to the router with some clear tape will keep it looking good.  Telling guest where the router is in a Welcome Book is also helpful in case the guest need to reset the router.

AirBnb router label

Wildlife information

These signs have some useful information regarding the dumpster access and wildlife. Laminating these signs would make them look much more professional.   Make sure any information you put out there is also the Welcome Book.

AirBnb Bears sign