A vacation rental in need of attention to detail.

On a trip to Galveston we stayed at large Vacation Rental right on a canal.  This house is in a great location and from the outside looked great and had the “Wow” factor when you first see it.  But after a few minutes inside you could start to see the small and not so small “attention to detail” items the owners are neglecting.  Does your property have any of these issues?

Keep an eye on these simple things to keep your reviews high.




These sheets are past their lifespan.  If you rental bedroom sheets look like this it is time to replace them.

Broken/Unused items

If you aren’t using an item store it and if it is broken just throw it away.  This pot is a perfect example.


Should be obvious it is time to clean things like this up.  Some Simple Green could go along ways here.


A doorstop is such an easy fix to prevent holes in the wall.   It will save you repair money as well and keep your rental looking good.

Broken Door

This door could not be opened from the outside and could only be opened from pushing hard from the inside.  In humid environments such as this you will need to do more maintenance without a doubt but make sure all your entries work well.


This Non-Working TV is probably from the 80’s.  Regardless of the fact that it is old.   If something is broken remove it.  Reviews show it is better not to have something than have something that is broken.


If your rental is in a buggy environment you will need to keep an eye on things like this.  If renters find something dirty they will always look to see what else is…

Spice Cabinet

This spice cabinet is just a collection of leftover items from previous rentals.  If your spice cabinet looks like this one is time to do some cleaning and organizing.  Plus PLEASE don’t put insect repellent in with the spices! (See upper left hand corner)


Make sure you check every door as your renters will you never know what will be behind there you need to clean….

Light Bulbs!

Probably one of the easiest way to improve your rental is to make sure all your lights work.  Have your cleaning crew check in between each rental to make sure they all work.

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