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Vacation Rentals,

Welcome letter

Welcome letters and other such correspondences renters receive upon entering a property can vary greatly from rental to rental. Good communication is necessary on your quest to become a Superhost.  Listed below is an example of a great welcome letter done through AirBnb on a recent stay; however, it could be applied with any rental. A lot of these instructions should be included in the Welcome Book as well.  There are many modifications you can make, but from a renter’s standpoint, we feel this example is one of the best we have come across.

One of the reasons your renter has chosen to stay in your rental rather than a hotel is likely because of the availability of a kitchen.

First correspondence received after the reservation was accepted.


I look forward to hosting you!
Check in is at 4pm and check out is at 1pm. Let me know if you have any questions. Below is the full check in and check out procedure as well as a guide to the house.



Our house is easy to find. It’s the green house on XXXXX street.

I will leave a key in the lockbox attached to the house at the end of the driveway near the garbage cans and garage. When you locate the lockbox at the end of the driveway attached to the house, simply enter the code and depress the lever on the left to open the box. After retrieving the key, you will have to enter the code again and to slide the door back into place and close the box. It’s that easy!

A couple of things to help you out if I can’t show you all the features of the house myself.

There is a central A/C unit AND a whole house fan. Controls for both are in the small hallway between the bedrooms. Please don’t use both at the same time. If you are unfamiliar with a whole house fan, it pumps massive amounts of air out of the house from a central location. Just turn off the A/C, open the windows and turn it on. You’ll have breeze coming in from every direction. It’s great to cool the place off in a flash at night.

There are some supplies to make coffee and tea in the kitchen. They are in the glass shelves under the coffee maker. There is a TV, but we only get over the air signals on it right now. There is a blueray/DVD player too. The WiFi router is on the desk and has the SSID: XXXXX and Password is: XXXXXX

Feel free to use the laundry and dryer, it’s between the kitchen and master bathroom. There are supplies stocked as well. Plus there is a drying rack if you have delicates. You’ll also find an iron and ironing board. Oh, and if you use the laundry, please leave the door ajar afterwards so it can air out.

The small couch in the second bedroom folds into a twin size bed. Just lift up the arms and pull out and down. Bedding can be found in the closet in that room.

Don’t worry about taking trash out or anything. I’ll have the cleaning service handle that after your stay.

Odds and ends you might miss: There is a hairdryer in the closet of the master bathroom. If you do want to lock a deadbolt, the one on the front door works, you just have to lift the door up a bit while you lock it. Please feel free to sign the guestbook on the desk.

If you need any recommendations like restaurants, bars, bike trails, running spots, supermarkets or gyms I can definitely help out.

I don’t anticipate any hiccups, but if there are any, please contact me immediately. Best to message me through airbnb as I employ a full time concierge service to help out when I can’t. They message back within an hour 24/7. Thanks again for staying at our “smart” little house. It’s really an awesome spot. I know you’ll love it.

Check-out: 1:00pm

Checking out is easy.

Simply lock the handle of the security door, then use the code to open the key lockbox attached to the house. Deposit the key back inside the lockbox. Close it and scramble the code. Then please text or email me when you leave.

Again, thank you for staying with me and I hope you like your time in here!

Pre-exit Letter – This was received the day before checking out.

It looks like you’ll be checking out tomorrow.
We hope you have enjoyed your stay and that you have felt at home. Just a reminder that your check-out time is no later than 1:00pm tomorrow.
To check-out, simply lock the front door, then use the code to open the key lockbox attached to the front door. Deposit the key back inside the lockbox. Close it and scramble the code.
Please be sure to text or email me when you leave.

Thank you so much for staying with us and we wish you safe travels home!

This is a great reminder for guests that the exit day is coming up, and it provides a quick reminder for what needs to be done before leaving the property.

After the checkout to help insure a good review is written.


I truly hope you had a wonderful time in XXXXX and felt at home in my house!
If you enjoyed your stay, I’d like to kindly ask that you please leave me a review at your earliest convenience.  I hope to have the pleasure of hosting you again in the future.


Asking for a review as soon as possible is important so that the renter doesn’t forget.

Hopefully you found this example useful. What I like about this correspondence is that the owner was friendly, informative and wanting to insure that the time there would be problem-free. The communication did’t come across as overbearing; it was just the right amount. I came away thinking that if a problem arose, the owner would do whatever was possible to have it resolved. If you have other examples you would like to share please let us know!

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